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An increasing number of our clients are electing to use the design/build approach, where owners assign us total responsibility for architecture, engineering and construction. We take the owners' requirements and work with our architect through the initial preparation of drawings. By working directly with the architect, we can simplify details and methods, helping to reduce the total time frame of the project and saving money.

BPlanning|Cost Control

Our professionals know the construction business. Construction methods, materials, job cost tracking, subcontractors and all other components of the construction process are important to us. We have the ability to put into practice our knowledge of this process every day.


GH GROUP, INC. provides single-source responsibility for all our clients' architectural, engineering, and construction requirements. We are "problem solvers", offering a wide range of services that allows us to design programs to meet the needs of our clients. Whether a design/build, traditional, or construction management approach is required, GH GROUP can meet the challenge.


Gary Hanstedt is a licensed general contractor in several states, including Hawaii and California. He has a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the University of Wisconsin and has been a licensed architect since 1977. Gary has been an owner's representative and has completed several development projects. Not only does he understand the professional and management end of construction, but he is also able to integrate finishes, detailing, and other technical aspects of the construction business.


GH GROUP, INC. is a building, construction management and fixturing firm, specializing in commercial and retail projects. From its inception in 1987 as a one-man operation, licensed general contractor Gary Hanstedt has developed GH GROUP into a staff of multi-disciplined professionals with the talent and experience required to answer the challenge of today's sophisticated, technical, and rapidly changing construction industry.


  • "I bring 35 years of experience in commercial construction..."
    Gary Hanstedt,
  • "My expertise is in construction and design defects..."
    Gary Hanstedt,

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